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  People experiencing homelessness
 People with disabilities
 People with substance use disorders
 People who are incarcerated
 People who are 65 and older
 Other people who are at greatest risk of severe illness and death
 • Work closely with public health and MDH to secure vaccine for people experiencing homelessness.
– CentraCare’s mobile strike team is scheduled to vaccinate in homeless shelters starting February 8
• Provide appropriate assistance to get people with disabilities to vaccination clinic(s) and if that is not a viable solution, utilize CentraCare’s mobile strike team or collaborate with public health to vaccinate people with disabilities in their home
• Utilize CentraCare’s drug and alcohol addiction recovery program to communicate and offer vaccination opportunities when they become available when their priority group is being vaccinated
• Utilize CentraCare’s medical personnel currently working in Central MN jails, with the assistance of local public health, to vaccinate people in this congregate living situation
• Connected with local public health and St. Cloud Reformatory. Their vaccination needs are currently being met.
• Targeted outreach through MyChart messaging and direct scheduling
• Calling patients 65 and older who may not have access to an electronic device and scheduling vaccination over the phone
• Preparing a letter to be sent through U.S. postal service to patients 65 and older
• Continue to play a key role in vaccinating people 65 and older in CentraCare’s long-term care facilities and using CentraCare’s mobile strike team
• Encourage patients, who are at risk of serious disease, through a variety of outreach strategies, to get vaccinated when their priority group is being vaccinated

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