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Allina Health understands the value of data as a tool to address health inequities. We are tracking, reviewing and reporting our vaccination rates by race, ethnicity and language on a regular basis. The data, combined with our community outreach, has helped to guide decisions like where we locate vaccine clinics and how we communicate to our diverse patients.
Traditional patient outreach methods are not sufficient in engaging communities who have historically experienced health inequities. We have built additional supports into our outreach process and continue to evolve our strategies based on our real-time learning.
• Update communications are in Spanish, Hmong, Russian or Somali. If we email a
patient of color or limited English proficiency and do not hear from them in five days, we follow up with a phone call in their preferred language. If there is no email address on file, we send a letter that has been translated.
• Encourage primary care providers to contact and encourage their BIPOC and LEP patients to schedule a vaccine appointment.
• Hiring community health workers to conduct follow-up calls to continue conversations and address barriers.
We are intentionally placing our vaccine clinics to be closer to those patients and communities who experience barriers to accessing them. We are utilizing strategies like pop-up clinics and locations that are accessible to the diverse communities we serve, like the Phillips Neighborhood in South Minneapolis. Additionally, we have created a hub clinic at our Courage Kenny campus in Golden Valley, which is accessible and welcoming to the disability community. Each vaccine clinic includes access to interpreter services. Our regional community engagement leads are working closely with community partners to connect medically underserved communities to COVID-19 vaccine virtual education sessions and community vaccine pop-up clinics.
 The first patient to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at the Allina Health East Lake Street Clinic was met with cheers and claps from staff at the newly opened vaccine clinic.
   Amy Elliott, MD, and Director of Medical Affairs at Allina Health District One Hospital, recently participated in a COVID-19 vaccine forum in partnership with the Somali Community Resettlement Service in Faribault to answer questions about COVID-19 vaccine safety.
  Dhondup Jangchup and Ayele Admasu, part of Allina Health Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s environmental services team, are all smiles after receiving their COVID-19 vaccine
 Samson Osholowu, MD and Hospitalist at Allina Health Mercy Hospital got his COVID-19 vaccine “to protect myself, my loved ones and the most vulnerable in our community.”

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