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3. Partner: Use community partnerships with stakeho3lders to focus on accessibility and availability of vaccine for focus communities leveraging:
5. Performance measurement: Measure and report 5 performance to understand effectiveness of outreach,
to continuously improve and share results by:
   • Partnering with the MDH-sponsored EHR consortium to transparently report results in aggregate and by CDS
• Use of internal dashboards at the CDS level to evaluate performance to inform continuous improvement and reliability of operational plans
• Working with MDH to enhance state-level dashboards to include performance data
navigators, to offer a high-touch approach to disseminate in4
• Existing deep roots: Coalition members have cultivated trusted relationships with community leaders and organizations. This is
further strengthened in collaboration with local public health efforts
for effective outreach.
• CDS Coalition members will work with stakeholders to ensure there are specific staff available, such as community health workers or vaccine
formation, support scheduling, promote registration and provide follow-up.
The CDS Coalition is actively implementing this approach and accompanying strategies and tactics. We look forward to the ongoing partnership with state agencies and stakeholder communities. By using our collective resources, we are confident we can make a meaningful difference in assuring equity for persons in special groups such LBGTQI or BIPOC individuals and persons with disabilities.
4. Accessible: Vaccination is accessible for communities and individuals of focus by using:
• Existing home care teams with established and trusted relationships with patients of focus
• Our existing clinic, drive-thru and hospital vaccination sites
are in locations that serve a high percentages of individuals of focus
• CDS capabilities to bring vaccine beyond our healthcare walls through different methods with availability of additional supply:
– Providing on-site vaccination for large employers such as manufacturing and food processing whose employee population is represented by persons in special groups such as BIPOC individuals
– Utilizing mobile vaccination methods through mobile strike teams or vaccine vans
– Organizing pop-up sites or small vaccination clinics in community centers, churches or other safe spaces located on public transportation routes to mitigate accessibility barriers.

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