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We are working with our own internal diverse team members and community partners to inform and educate our community on the facts around the COVID-19 vaccine and address concerns and barriers. This includes teams from both of our hospitals as well as external partners like federally qualified health centers, other clinic partners, community organizations such as Pillsbury United Communities and community faith leaders, and state and local government, etc.
1. Inform and Educate
Make it easy for the community to access the information they need to make an informed decision about getting the vaccination. We are making informational materials available in multiple languages where requested and hosting forums.
2. Educate NMH Team
We are hosting informational sessions with diverse team members to answer their questions and help overcome barriers to receiving the vaccine.
3. Inform on Access
We are generating awareness through multiple communication channels like web, social, email, text, phone and letters through mail for how to access the vaccination. As we offer the vaccine to our eligible customers, we will monitor and adjust as necessary the representation of our customers’ race and ethnicity to ensure that there is equitable distribution.
4. Influencer Strategy
We are working with community influencers who can connect with and relate to our diverse communities.
• Expanding customer vaccination site locations to ensure our customers that live in our diverse communities have easy access to the vaccine. Our Brooklyn Center vaccination site is located right near public transportation.
• Small Pop-up Administration: We are leveraging our relationships with faith communities to distribute the vaccine in small pop-up settings including spiritual centers, senior centers, etc. We are in the process of developing a comprehensive plan with the faith leaders to provide these pop-ups.
• Mobile Administration: We will leverage our Ambulance Services team to provide in-home vaccination for customers who have transportation and other access barriers.
• Community-Based Administration: We offer COVID-19 testing at North Market (a grocery store in partnership with Pillsbury United). We are assessing the feasibility of offering COVID-19 vaccination. North Market is in the heart of North Minneapolis – formally a food dessert.
• Hennepin County Partnership: Combine resources to bring vaccinations to senior high-rise residences in our service area. The focus is on senior 65+ in underserved, marginalized communities with barriers to access.
• Business Partnerships: Developing business partnerships will help provide funding and in-kind resources to help us increase vaccination equity and access.
• Partner support and vaccination: Working with partners like Broadway Family medicine to administer to their customers/our community through one-day events.

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