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Execute customized outreach in partnership with community partners.
Connect on a personal level – empower with choice.
Make the vaccine more accessible for diverse communities.
 At North Memorial Health, the health and wellness of our communities is a top priority. We believe all community members should have equal access
to the COVID-19 vaccine and are building plans to ensure vaccine equity for underserved and marginalized communities. To address this, we are executing a phased approach that will work to educate, motivate and vaccinate. Phase I consists of finishing vaccinating our own health workers, offering the vaccine to our eligible customers through a random selection process and planning
(in partnership with several community partners) to identify how to bring the vaccine to our communities via small- and medium-sized vaccine centers and potentially in home. As we determine vaccine supply and evaluate vaccine center locations, we move to Phase II, which is execution.
In order to provide vaccination through all planned administration channels (from pop-ups to small community sites to mobile vaccination) it will require a consistent and appropriate allotment of vaccine will be required.

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