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Mayo Clinic has developed a playbook of tactics to assist with this. Below are the current tactics in-flight or being explored:
• Continue workgroup informing COVID-19 culturally appropriate vaccine message content and effective modes of dissemination and another to operationalize this communication.
• Established RHCP social media group and initiated efforts to produce and share content.
• Partnering with Employee Resource Groups to aid with vaccine awareness and buy-in.
• Engaging community leaders who are bilingual and well known to community, who will reach out and invite individuals to be vaccinated when it is their turn and who can address vaccine hesitancy or other barriers to vaccination (i.e. transportation, lack of understanding of where, when to be vaccinated, or provide assistance for those who struggle with scheduling their appt. due to technology or language barriers).
• Partnered with the Everybody-In campaign through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and have held several town hall events.
• Analytics teams have been engaged in capturing and incorporating race/ethnicity and vulnerable population demographics into our community vaccination dashboards.
• Team created to monitor the effectiveness of the multiple interventions that are intended to reduce hesitancy, remove barriers, and increase vaccination confidence in underrepresented minority groups.
• Developing a tool to identify socially vulnerable patients using the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and demographics stored in the medical record, mapping both COVID-19 risk scores and the elements of the Social Vulnerability Index (specifically financial resource strain, age, race/ethnicity, language barriers, transportation challenges) to both monitor vaccination uptake in vulnerable patients as well as prioritize them for future invitations and outreach efforts. Based on numbers of patients in our communities, we anticipate utilizing the COVID-19 risk scores and Social Vulnerability Index to prioritize vaccination order when we reach patients < 65 years old.
• Planning a mass vaccination clinic in partnership with Olmsted Public Health and Olmsted Medical Center to help serve patient groups

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