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Throughout the pandemic, we have been guided by a multidisciplinary group of thoughtful providers and other stakeholders at Hennepin Healthcare who consider ethical issues related to COVID-19, including our obligation to lead in addressing health equity by getting COVID-19 vaccine to the communities we serve. The limited and unpredictable initial supply of vaccines presents challenges as we face high demand, systemic barriers, and an urgent need to “get shots in arms,” but we maintain a fierce commitment to move forward in a focused and equitable way.
To stand up the infrastructure quickly and meet state goals for getting vaccine to patients, we started by using MyChart for the first wave as the most efficient and effective way to communicate to a large population of patients. Recognizing that MyChart likely disadvantaged certain target populations, we redoubled our efforts to engage with vulnerable populations by greatly expanding our list of tactics to reach out to patients who would be missed by traditional methods.
Our patient vaccination clinics are located in downtown Minneapolis,
Richfield, South Minneapolis, and Brooklyn Park. We initially targeted outreach to 15 zip codes in our catchment area defined by the Community Needs Index (CNI), which is a model that looks at 15 factors across five domains (income, culture—race/ethnicity/language, education, insurance, and housing). We identified the top 10 zip codes with highest rate of COVID-19 positive patients. Of these ten zip codes, six overlap with the CNI Target Zip Codes.

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