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1. Deployment of mobile vaccine outreach team
A key component of our work is mobilizing vaccination teams to host vaccine events in our communities. We are relying on community-based organizations that serve Communities of Focus to inform the locations, times and dates we’re scheduling community vaccine clinics. We are also asking for their assistance to identify eligible individuals for vaccine. So far, these have been scheduled at neighborhood churches in underserved areas of Duluth’s Central Hillside and West Duluth. We are looking into additional trusted, convenient neighborhood locations where existing neighborhood services are currently housed to make vaccination highly accessible. Essentia Health is prioritizing vaccine allocation to these events and will continue to schedule these opportunities until needs for vaccine are met.
2. Prioritized appointments at existing vaccine clinics
We’re learning that we can maximize our impact within Communities of Focus if we can also offer prioritized appointments at our existing vaccine clinics. Our Community Outreach team is working with trusted community partners to develop lists of individuals who meet current vaccination criteria set by the state and are part of these communities, and then Essentia is using that information to prioritize appointment scheduling at a date, time and location that best meets the individual’s needs. Community health workers will work to provide scheduling, transportation and education to ensure these individuals have access to get vaccinated.
In the future, we plan to also use data from our electronic medical record to find eligible people based on social determinants of health criteria.
3. Access to end-of-day waitlists
We have provided an opportunity for trusted community partners to curate a list of eligible individuals who fall into Communities of Focus and can quickly reach a vaccine clinic to have access to the end-of-day doses.
We’re soliciting all our Essentia colleagues for help, asking them to connect our Community Outreach team to groups that serve Communities of Focus. There’s also a form on our public website,, that anyone can complete to get in touch with our Community Outreach team.
Another area we’re focusing on is addressing vaccine hesitancy through education and outreach. Essentia Health clinical and pharmacy leaders recently hosted a well-attended public webinar and Q&A session for the communities
we serve. Our Communications team is leveraging our social media channels
to respond to patient questions and promote vaccination and has engaged
with local media to support patient education about vaccine access, safety
and efficacy. We’re also partnering with trusted community leaders and organizations, uplifting existing efforts to get the word out about the importance of vaccination (see billboard above). We’re also working with agencies in several counties to educate volunteers who can engage with seniors to help them better understand how to get registered for vaccine clinics in their area.
Since the beginning of our COVID-19 vaccination efforts, we’ve continued to adapt our tactics as we’ve learned from our work and the work of others. We’ll continually improve our plans to vaccinate Communities of Focus as this vital effort continues.
  Billboard in the Duluth Hillside neighborhood

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